Note :: 9-21-2009 :: GASP ANOTHER UPDATE! With five pages this time! And also, some stories have been added to the Other page, and some fanart to the gallery! Heavens, it seems almost like... could it be... almost as though the site were active once again!

9-16-2009 :: AHAHAHAHAHHAHA FAILURE IS I. Good heavens. So, four months have passed and the comic was not updated. But now it is! And there are three pages! Yaaaay! I'll try to keep updating, but uh... no promises. In the meantime, the first of the new pages is here-- the 'recent page' link will lead to the newest one, so hit this link if you don't wanna be (haw) spoiled.
The fanworks contest has concluded, and the results were unilaterally awesome-- check out the entrants! There was some Sevensmith art in there too, which I'll put up in the gallery as soon as I get a spare moment to update that page as well.

5-28-2009 :: Ughhh horrible things happened to this page while it was being drawn. HORRIBLE THINGS. My eraser tore off a strip of paper in the middle of Taji's face... somehow it got water on it or something, I think, so the sketch didn't disappear in places. Ah well... on to other things. The fanworks contest is officially on! It's for both Chirault and Sevensmith, and has rather a lot of prizes, so check it out if you're into that sort of thing. (:

5-16-2009 :: ...okay so I suck. I AM SORRY. The comic is not dead yet, though! Only... very slow. It are a turtle. Turtlecomic. I recently had an idea, though-- I may start using the Livejournal Community in lieu of an RSS feed or the like to announce updates. Of course, this is mostly useful only for people who have livejournal accounts, but there may be other things going on there as well.

...So, the main reason for the failure to finish the page is... that damn hospital room. I need to start looking up references instead of just freezing up and NOT drawing things I've never done before, seriously. In future when I hit these kinds of roadblocks, if I haven't referenced it within one week of the work being overdue, I'll just suck it up and finish it anyway. I can always go back and redo it later, I suppose when I don't suck so bad...

Anyway, I am sorry! D: I will try to make these pages more often.

04-02-09 :: Another chapter, another page! ...No cover for this one, but I'll get around to it one of these days.

30-01-09 :: Two months' lapse.... but two pages up! Start here to catch up. (:

12-02-08 :: This needs a sound effect, but I'm not sure what.

11-28-08 :: I don't know why I like this page, but I do.

11-16-08 :: !!!!

11-09-08:: DRAMA.

:: 10-19-08 :: BIP.

9-25-08 :: ONE MONTH. That's not... too bad? :D The page kinda sucks though. ):

8-25-08 :: THREE MONTHS. Is this a record? I think it's a record.

5-06-08 :: Heyyy another one! I think I'm going to stick with desaturating the pages for the most part, but awww, lookit the green :D

4-23-08 :: OH MAN ANOTHER UPDATE. *goes back to studying*

4-21-08 :: ...Exams. EXAMS. Also, who is light source?

4-04-08 :: HOLY CRAP AN UPDATE!!! And a month hasn't even passed! In fact, a week hasn't even passed! :D SCORE

3-30-08 :: ....S-sorry :D;; Updated two pages and fixed the archives now, anyway.

1-09-08 :: OKAY SO. I drew the next page, but it had a small accident involving a lecherous Rapidograph pen. This is the result:

So yeah. No page quite yet.
Alsoo, I figured it was about time we had a link to the Lj community up here. It's been extant for about a year now (was made before the hosting was purchased, even), and since we still don't have a place for comments, well... Should anyone particularly desire to say anything about the site or the comic, it can go there. :D

11-16-07 :: I not only edited this page in the school library but also typeset and uploaded it right off the bat, hence the reverted font. (Also at some point I will fix the continuity issues in the previous pages-- Taji's magically self- repairing shirt, the disappearing bandage, and the disappearing scratch on the SOCK page)

11-14-07 :: Hahahaaa the sink looks like something out of a Sims game... what's that? ...'Where's the toilet'? What do they need a goddamn toilet for?! They're magical!

...It's cropped out of the shot because the Thane can't draw toilets.


11-07-07 :: I shall now channel Taji's thoughts again.
OH CRAP HOW DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THE PIGEONS-- keep calm, keep calm. Do not let him sense your fear...

11-05-07 :: Page 16! And fun with alternate lines for Taji in that last panel!
'You are not endearing yourself to me right now.'
'Go screw a goat.'
'Your hair is blue.'

As for why his shirt has two rips in it now, when in his battle with Mitsuko he only appears to get one... he had some bad luck with a weathervane on his way home. And power lines. And a very confused pigeon.