This is the official contest page! Any changes to the rules, deadlines, or other information will go here.

NOTICE: THE CONTEST IS OVER! Thank you to everyone who participated-- I was really blown away by the entries! Judging will take place over the next week or so, although as I have been unexpectedly busy it may take a bit longer than that. The winners will be announced here and on the main comic's page (and on my DeviantArt account, and anywhere else I can think of) as soon as a conclusion has been reached. Thanks again!

And now, the part everyone has been waiting for. The winners!

First place goes to Mytherea... for this entry pretty much knocked my socks off. Good thing I was already barefoot when I first looked at it.

Second place goes to Alranth, for HEY LOOK OVER THERE.

Hey wait look back over here! The amazing colouring is what decided it for this one- some beautiful texture work is employed here.

Third place goes to Sorelliena, for her illustration titled 'Dress it up'! A very cute concept, coupled with great drawing, is what cinched this one.

In any case, thank you to everybody who entered! As stated before, everyone who entered does get a prize, not just the top three, so I will be getting in contact with you all soon! Picking out the top three was a tricky job, because there were so many amazing entries... and a shout-out to DJ Neko, for the first Sevensmith fanart!

You guys all rock.

The entries:

These were the guidelines for the contest:

In any medium (whether it be digital art, traditional art, a comic or a written story), create something related to the characters, setting or story of either Chirault or Sevensmith. If you want to draw Kiran, Teeko, or one of the others, go for it! If there's a scene you wish would happen, feel free to draw it out! If you're not confident with drawing, other types of submissions are totally appreciated too (although they may require their own category when it comes to judging). By preference, while gratuitous violence is a-ok, I would prefer that any sexual content be kept non-explicit (should any of you have plans in that area).

Other important info:

Submissions are open as of right now, and will remain open until Wednesday, August 5th (although this date may be subject to extension depending on whether anyone approaches me and asks). Submissions and any questions can be addressed to my email, although short inquiries could be answered in the tagboard.

The prizes:

And now, the good stuff! Read all the way through; there are three types of prizes to choose between..

One: a good-quality 8.5"x11" print of a piece of artwork of your choosing; just about anything in my DeviantArt gallery is fair game, unless it's noted that the image was done in paintchat. The image will be printed on card stock and can be either matte or glossy, depending on preference.

Two: a commission of the winner's choice, in any medium and style, with a detailed figure and a moderate background (or an extremely detailed face shot and no background, depending on preference). Examples can be seen in the Deviantart gallery above, or in the links below. This option does not require any exchange of address, since I can just email the finished file or a full-size scan unless you want an original or print.

Three: A 1.5" diameter pin, suitable for being stuck on hats or shirts or purses or what-have-you, with a Chirault-related design (could be a character, could be a symbol, could be something else entirely). There are also miscellaneous stickers, all printoffs of my own artwork (although not necessarily related to the comic).

FIRST PLACE can choose up to three prints or up to two commissions (one detailed, one much less so). Mixing and matching is possible (as is changing them up slightly-- say, one extremely large commission, or a large number of smaller (postcard-szed or thereabouts) prints).

SECOND PLACE is a similar principle; the choice is between two prints or one commission, or one print and one commission with less detail than the examples.

THIRD PLACE has a choice between one print or one low-detail commission.

EVERY ENTRANT (well, of those who are willing and able to send in their address) will receive a pin and a sticker. (For those of you who don't want to, or who are minors and whose addresses I can't take without a parent or guardian's consent, I may be able to do tiny quick paintchat sketches instead.).

And, that is all! Good luck, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions left!