Rinja (also goes by BakaBokken, Baka, Bakachu, etc.)

Role for Comic: writer, graphics manipulator/“spiffinator,” typesetter

Age: Legal in my planet.

Occupation: Academic slave, and occasional freelance odd-jobber

Ethnicity: Pasty.

Location: An English-speaking country.

Food: anything that tastes good?
Band: various
Book: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Color: red
Beverage: royal milk tea, Coke, sake

Other: Writes crappy fanfiction, too. Go me! 8D;

The Thane of Vare (or Thane for short)

Role for Comic: Art slave

Age: >9000

Occupation: Drawer (a chestful of them, really)

Ethnicity: Windmill

Location: Canada

Food: Kasugai muscat gummies
Band: Boards of Canada
Color: red
Beverage: Orange Sumol

Other: Will draw for candy? :D

NAJH (or Laura)

Role for Comic: Master of all that is web

Age: 1/5 of my life is gone - is that scarry?

Occupation: Learning, amongst other things.

Ethnicity: Euro-mutt, I guess.

Location: Typically my room. Sometimes I'm outside. Half the time I'm in a classroom. Much of the time there's a computer involved. I've been known to be in a car too.

Food: There is no way I can possibly decide on one thing.
Band: The greatest hits of the mullet rock (the list starts with AC/DC)
Color: Depends on my mood, the day, the photo, the colors, the hue, the saturation, etc...
Beverage: You want me to pick one food and one beverage?

Other: Fiction writer, brush maker, icon creator, webmaster... Next, the world!